Star Wars Insider: The Fiction Collection, Vol. 1

Star Wars book cover showing Emperor Palpatine seated on this thrown, with Darth Vader's mask looming large in the background. Featured authors and illustrators are listed in text on the sides.

Star Wars Insider: The Fiction Collection, Volume 1 by various authors
Star Wars Insider magazine, the official magazine of Star Wars, has often published exclusive short stories set in the Star Wars universe, sometimes as tie-ins to new novels and movies, and other times just to explore new corners of the galaxy. 

Now people who aren't subscribed to the magazine can finally read many of those obscure tales in this new book, the first of at least two collecting short fiction from Star Wars Insider

Unlike other Star Wars short story collections, this book includes a mix of canon stories and stories from the old Legends expanded universe, since it covers magazine issues from a period spanning 2011 to 2017.

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This book contains a mix of stories from the New Canon timeline and the Legends timeline. While some stories in it are consistent with newer Star Wars movies, TV shows, books, and comics, others are not.