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Here are your Star Wars book recommendations for Wraith Squadron:
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X-Wing (Wraith Squadron Arc)

X-Wing series (Wraith Squadron Arc) by Aaron Allston
In the fifth-through-seventh books of the X-Wing series, the story shifts to cover Wraith Squadron, a group of misfits brought together by Wedge Antilles to be combination fighter pilots and special operatives. They soon find themselves in a series of high-spirited adventures against dangerous Imperial adversaries, by the end coming under the command of the famous General Han Solo. Author Aaron Allston made his Star Wars debut with this series of fan-favorite novels that skillfully combine laugh-out-loud humor with vivid emotional realism and well-developed characters.

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Book 5: Wraith Squadron
Book 6: Iron Fist
Book 7: Solo Command

Story of Wraith Squadron continued (decades later) in The New Jedi Order series and X-Wing: Mercy Kill.

This is a post-Return of the Jedi series from the Legends timeline. Think of it as an alternate universe from The Force Awakens and newer books.

X-Wing: Mercy Kill

X-Wing: Mercy Kill by Aaron Allston
Two generations of Wraith Squadron special forces pilots join up in a race to outsmart a corrupt alliance general. A bit short on X-Wings and space action, but a must-read for fans of this squadron of misfits and pranksters.

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This is a post-Return of the Jedi novel from the Legends timeline. Think of it as an alternate universe from the sequel movies and newer books.