Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel

Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel by James Luceno
This is an important prequel to the 2016 spin-off film Rogue One! Written by veteran Star Wars author James Luceno, Catalyst tells how pacifist scientist Galen Erso, later infamous for designing the devastating Death Star superlaser, was manipulated into the role by one-time friend Orson Krennic. A thoughtful, character-based tale that provides a rich backstory to the opening scene of Rogue One, this novel also reveals a great deal about the creation of the Death Star according to the new Star Wars canon.

Catalyst is the tenth Star Wars novel by James Luceno, whose other works include the canon novel Tarkin, fan-favorite Legends novel Darth Plagueis, and two other Star Wars movie lead-in books.

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This is a book from the New Canon timeline! It's guaranteed to be consistent with future movies, TV shows, books, and comics (and all new stories since mid-2014).